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21 Amazing Trainings to Help You Get Organized, Conquer Procrastination, Manage Your Time and Get Tons More Done … IN FAR LESS TIME!
Hello Tamala, I just wanted you to know I love "Church Secretary Essentials." Our church isn't a very big church, so some of the things don't apply, but it's been very easy to adapt. It is helping me to keep organized....I loved Module 101 Workbook. Thanks for the Email tips, I'm saving them on my computer.

God Bless,
Debbie Watson
Centergrove BC, Rock Spring, GA

I just wanted to let you know that I am really benefiting from your essentials. It is helping me to see the importance of my job and duties. You are really bringing to light things that assist me at making my days run as smooth as possible. I just wanted to share that with you and just to say thanks.

God Bless,
The Church Office Master Training Vault is the compilation of everything I've created to help church secretaries do a job that they can be proud of and fulfilled in. It's my heart and mind in digital form. :)
Here's a quick look at all of the training included in The Vault... you get immediate access to it all.

  1. Basic Training 101 Manual – Effectively Managing Multiple Projects (PDF Workbook)
  2. Basic Training 102 – Putting All the Pieces Together (PDF + Audio MP3)
  3. How to Stay In Sync with Your Pastor (PDF Action Guide)
  4. Time Mastery Report – 15 Quick Actions You Can Do TODAY to Demolish Overwhelm (PDF Action Guide)
  5. Drab to Fab Church Bulletins – 21 Simple Ways to Take Your Bulletins from Drab to Fab (PDF Action Guide)
  6. Event Planning Toolkit (Project Management Primer + Meeting Planner + Sample Event Checklist)
  7. Sample Guest Information Form – Use this form when inviting guests (PDF Worksheet)
  8. Sample Travel Agreeement – Use this form when your pastor travels (PDF Worksheet)
  9. Organizing Made EZ – 14 Day Mini Training (PDF Action Guide)
  10. The Top 10 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Pulling Off FABULOUS EVENTS on a Frugal Budget (PDF Action Guide)
  11. Getting UNstuck 4 Part Video Series – How to Identify and Annihilate 4 Major TRAPS that Are Keeping You Stuck… Even Without You Knowing It
  12. Keys to Managing Major Ministry Events (Mp3 Audio + PDF Workbook)
  13. Help I Work In Ministry and It’s Consuming My Life (2 Live Call Transcripts + 2 Worksheets + 2 Audio MP3)
  14. Ugly Truth About the Church Secretary’s Job (Video)
  15. 3 Habits Crushing Your Productivity (Video)
  16. Volunteers – Recruiting, Qualifying and Keeping Them (Video + Application + Feedback Form + Interview Form + Time Tracker)
  17. 3 Simple Strategies to Help You “Get It Together” and Achieve Ministry-Work-LIFE Balance (PDF Action Guide)
  18. Collection of Most Read Articles – Covers virtually every aspect of being a church secretary (PDF)
  19. 7 Pillars of Success for Church Secretaries (PDF Action Guide)
  20. Managing a Chaotic Workload (PDF Action Guide)
  21. Church Office Mastery 7 Part Video Series – 7 Keys to Mastering Your Church Office
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And Even MORE Happiness Delivered!

Wow!! I can't think of a better investment than this program has been, thank you for making it affordable. I look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox, they help me to stay relevant, stay organized , and remind me that while I am my church administrator, everyone benefits when I have balance in my life.

Informative - You are
Relevent - Can't find any site with as much practical advice as yours
Compassionate - Using your gift to advance the kingdom
Mentor - Thank you for being mine as well as to hundreds of others

-Angela Hawkins
Tamala, I want to thank you so much for all your emails and information. I have enjoyed your book and the information you have supplied. I am using it to better prepare me for the job when I get it. Thanks again may the Lord richly bless you for blessing others. Emma HallAkron, OH
Tamala, Just had to let you know the tips and solutions that you give in the Organizing Made EZ course has helped me to become organized and very productive. By using your advice I have achieved more in one week than I did last month. The "BrainDump" method really works! Keep the lessons coming. I appreciate them! -Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer
 I'm always searching to be better, to learn more. Tamala and Church Secretary Essentials provides me this need. Also the materials validates my work as a church secretary and being a servant of God. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

It has given me basic guidelines to follow as I began this job (as church secretary). I have loved the "folders" for everyone on the staff. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

Tamala is always very thorough with her teaching/video/books. She gives basic, simple advice and instruction so that anyone can understand. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

It is the only site I have found that has practical and useable information for the church secretary! - (From Optional CSE Survey)

I'm incorporating the organizational skills that CSE / Tamala has shared. I'm eager to check my email each day to hear from you. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

Church Secretary Essentials is not just a way to increase productivity, but, Tamala is a blessing to the body of Christ! Knowing Tamala personally as my friend has become one of my greatest joys. Every time we talk and share dreams I am reminded of Mary and Elisabeth, "For lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy." Luke 1:44. Her ambition feeds mine and then, we give birth to amazing projects! Tamala, blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. The Best is Yet to Come! I encourage everyone to GET THE PRODUCTS!!!!

Dione MorganHouston, TX

Tamala and Church Secretary Essential has equipped me to be a better church secretary, she has helped me to avoid some mistakes and has helped me to implement some time saving strategies. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

I have Learned how to work smarter and not harder because of the invaluable information I have learned from Sis Tamala, I likened her to a tour guide, because she shows us the how's and why's because she has been where we are. - (From Optional CSE Survey)

Your e-book is a great reference tool for me and I feel someone understands what a Pastor's assistant is all about. Thank you for sowing your skills into others. I have looked for a long time for such a person to hook up to. I have no formal training but a heart for excellence in the ministry.

Linda GoodpasterWord Of Life CenterShreveport, LA

Dear Tamala,

Thank you a zillion times. The Job Description for Church Secretary provided all the information I needed to extract a job description for a part-time secretary for our church. As you mentioned, the sizes of churches differ, and likewise the duties of a secretary to met their needs. I spent hours searching for that information. I just needed a real start, I prayed for something, just anything that I could use to complete my task. God always answers prayer, and you were the vessel he used to give me what I needed. Great is God's faithfulness!

Downs United Methodist Church, located in Oakland, California is grateful to you. You have provided not only a job description, but a vast resource of information for us to study. I am Chairperson for our Staff Pastor Parish Ministry area. These articles will give me so much information, and from your resources I will gain strength in leadership training. I sincerely thank you so very much.

In Christ,
Yvonne Brisard-Wickliff
Richmond, CA